v2 How ZAPNE Works

ZAPNE can help you fight acne, naturally and effectively

No matter what skin type you have, your age, or your gender,  ZAPNE can help you fight acne with its once-a-week 15-minute clearing mask.

The ZAPNE treatment consists of a ZAPNE Towelette infused with a willow bark extract containing natural salicylic acid (0.5%), and ZAPNE’s proprietary mask preparation consisting of natural spongilla lacustris (the sponge from the fresh water estuaries in Southern Russia, which Russians have been using for decades), and organic aloe vera with other nutrient-rich plant extracts. This unique treatment delivers ZAPNE deep into the pores of your skin, minimizes excess oil production, gently sloughs away dead cells, minimizes inflammation, and refines the pores. These powerful natural nutrients feed the skin, while antioxidants and calming botanicals allow the skin to naturally find its balance of healthy levels of oils and create a clearer, brighter, and more radiant-looking complexion. ZAPNE works to significantly reduce future outbreaks and help prevent acne before it becomes visible or scars your skin.

You Can Feel ZAPNE Working

Once you apply the mask by vigorously massaging the treatment into your skin you will feel ZAPNE work in just a few minutes…it will start to tingle. After the ZAPNE application dries in about 15 minutes, you will wash the mask off by splashing with cold or lukewarm water. You may feel the tingling for a few more hours and you'll probably see a glow or faint reds color on your skin (don't worry, that'll go away). The tingling is a result of the ingredients and the small penetrating spicules (from the sponge) that help the ingredients find their way deep into your pores. After three or four days there may be a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells (that will go away, too). You will know that the treatment is actively working and see the difference in the following days with a smoother softer feeling skin. Then a week after the first treatment, you may repeat the process if necessary on a weekly basis. Usually, desired results are achieved in two or four treatments, with periodic follow-up treatments as needed.

Prominent Doctors Tested ZAPNE

A prominent medical doctor based in Newport Beach, California conducted two to eight week therapeutic trials of ZAPNE on over 50 teenagers and adults with moderate to severe acne. The testing achieved very significant visible results after two or three applications. Over 95% of the participants reported an immediate reduction in acne breakouts after two treatments. The participants also reported:

  • More radiant youthful and healthy looking skin
  • Smoother feeling skin
  • Less oily skin
  • Less irritation and redness
  • Visibly improved post-acne marks