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You Can Feel ZAPNE Working

Once you apply the mask by vigorously massaging the treatment into your skin you will feel ZAPNE work in just a few minutes…it will start to tingle. After the ZAPNE application dries in about 15 minutes, you will wash the mask off by splashing with cold or lukewarm water, it is important not to scrub at this time or use a face wash to remove the mask. You may feel the tingling for a few more hours and you'll probably see a glow of faint pink or red color on your skin (don't worry, that'll go away). The tingling is a result of the ingredients and the small penetrating spicules (from the sponge) that help the ingredients find their way deep into your pores. After three or four days there may be a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells (that will go away, too). You will know that the treatment is actively working and see the difference in the following days with smoother, softer feeling skin. Repeat the process as necessary on a weekly basis. Depending on the severity of your acne, desired results are achieved between two and four treatments. Zapne has lasting results and you can  continue with periodic follow-up treatments as needed.