Healthy Skin All Winter Long

by Alybeth Stumpf February 17, 2016

The cold weather during the Winter months can be killer on your skin. But there are ways to fight back and keep your skin clear and glowing all through the cold!

 1. Stay moisturized. 

Cold air tends to dry out your skin, even if you have naturally oily skin it is good to apply a light, fragrance free moisturizer to combat the moisture sapping cold. 

2. Avoid harsh acne treatments.

The cold air and indoor heating systems tend to dry out your skin, and dried out skin, believe it or not, produces more oil than usual! Harsh cleansers (such as Benzoyl Peroxide) will dry out and irritate your skin further, so opt for a gentle, natural cleanser that won't wreak havoc on your skin.

 3. Take shorter Showers.

We all love a long hot shower on those cold days. Our skin, however, does not. Hot water strips the skin leaving it dehydrated and itchy. Try shorter showers that are just warm enough, your skin will thank you!

4. Stay hydrated from the inside out.

We know how important it is to stay hydrated when the weather is warm and sunny, but it is just as important when its cold out. Try to drink the recommended 8 8oz glasses of water a day, it will help keep your skin healthy all around.

Alybeth Stumpf
Alybeth Stumpf